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Lynn Shorthouse
Family Counsellor | Craniosacral Therapist ,
Somerset UK


Craniosacral Therapy


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy which enhances physiological functions by the use of sensitive and gentle mobilisation of the Craniosacral system. This system extends from the bones of the cranium, the skull, to the sacrum at the base of the spine and extends to every cell of the body via connective tissue. It is based on findings about the body’s subtle make up by osteopaths in the USA over 80 years ago.

The Craniosacral system also comprises cerebrospinal fluid,
which bathes and cushions the brain and spinal cord in a tide-like ebb and flow. When this fluid is allowed to move freely around the central nervous system, it promotes a state of well-being, health
and balance.

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Upcoming THERAPIST CPD DAY Saturday 10th November

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